On today’s show, we welcome back an old friend, Tiffany Southerland. Tiff is a graduate of Cornell University and the Pennsylvania Law School. After becoming an accomplished lawyer, Tiff realized that although she was great at law, she had lost her love of life and began to redefine what career and success meant for her. It was in this transition that she founded Four Corners Coaching. Four Corners started as a blog and evolved into a company where Tiff helps people redefine what success means to them and works with them to develop strategies to leverage those strengths across all areas of their lives.

On today’s episode, Rich and Tiff discuss career journey’s and provide some insight on how to know when your career path is out of alignment with the vision you have for your life. They also give some tips on how to document your work accomplishments so that you can accurately determine your value when employee review season comes around at your job

Show Highlights

  • Be responsible for your own career progression
  • Free thought and ideas are treated differently within different companies
  • Tiptoeing around the PC culture we live in
  • How to asses a work environment to see if it’s right for you
  • Anonymously review a company via the blind app
  • Staying motivated to work on your side gig after your 9-5
  • Determining your niche and how to monetize it
  • Using your success to empower your community
  • Undervaluing yourself at work
  • The importance of documenting your work accomplishments

Key Takeaway: Know your values and recognize when your life and career are out of alignment.

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