It’s 6-months into the year. Do you know where your finances are? Well, we declared our positive affirmations and #FinGoals for 2018 on PB80: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started. For your benefit and ours, we’re going back to the future with a much needed Mid-Year Resolutions revelation to see where we have been winning, slipping, and where we need to make some in game adjustments (unlike Tyronn Lue!) to get back on track. On this episode, we’ll discuss the art of the win and how you too can set yourself up for the mid-year come back or maintain your wins into the second-half of the year. It’s never too late to get on track. If you haven’t set your personal & financial goals for the year, there’s no time like the present. Let’s get it!

  • We share that even your losses can help you learn more about yourself and your financial priorities
  • Tailor your work-life to align with your peak productivity hours to stand out from the competition
  • Why even modest investments in your 401k in your 20s might make the difference between retiring as early as your 40s or as late as your 60s
  • How to fund your “emergency fund” so major financial emergencies are only minor budgetary inconveniences
  • Inspired by Good to Great, Marcus shares the ‘big audacious hairy goal’ he hopes to reach by age 40 and the exact investment steps he’ll need to take to get there

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