PB28: Small Business Finance ft. Sylvia Inks


This week we’re joined by Personal Finance Coach and author of Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur, Sylvia Inks! Sylvia is an experienced business consultant that worked for one of the largest professional services firms in the world before turning into a financial coach for small businesses. On this week’s show she shares her experience helping businesses and individuals achieve maximum efficiencies and optimum outcomes. On this week’s show you’ll learn:

  • How to properly and accurately pay yourself when owning your own business
  • Why you should partner with both a lawyer and a CPA as soon as you have a business idea
  • What interview questions you should ask to find the best CPA for your business
  • Sylvia’s 21 proven steps for a successfully launching and maintaining your business



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  1. Love this episode guys! Keep up the good work. On another note, thank you for giving the advice on saying SORRY in e-mails I think it was a while back but that has helped tremendously. People now understand that I’m busy and I’ll get there! Also started keeping track of my projects on my calendar. You all have worked wonders in my life already! Thanks again.

  2. Hello Rich! Someone has already recommended a CPA for my start-up business. I thought it would be very costly so I refused the offer. But coming across this article made me realize things. Having the opinion of professionals is very important in establishing a good foundation of business. Very helpful article you have here. Thank you!

  3. My takeaway for this podcast: It is best to have CPA because they can take a comprehensive assessment of your finances and create a forecast through the year to keep your business at a healthy, prosperous state.

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