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The Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) Movement

When we relaunched the P&B Blog our first stop was to visit with the dedicated listeners, supporters, and network that propelled the podcast to top five in Apple Podcast and #BLESSED us with hundreds of 5-star reviews! What were our listening audience and P&B Facebook Group most interested in?

More money, and less debt!

Personal Finance Spotlights

Our listeners wanted real personal finance profiles from relatable individuals that live and work in the real world. From financial basics to expert advice, we’ll go beyond viral headlines with step-by-step guides that highlight how individuals from a variety of backgrounds, age, and work experiences reach financial independence.

Tired of reading unrelatable personal finance profiles on people who borrowed a small $100,000 loan from their parents, inherited their wealth, or lived at home while paying off thousands of dollars in debt in 48-hours all while buying HGTV homes on full-time professional video game player budgets? We hear you loud and clear!

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Personal Finance Subject Matter Experts and Interviews

Listeners want to know what the experts have to say about their personal finances. We created a simple #AskPB submissions box to send all your career and money questions. We research the answer for you or find the subject matter expert who knows.

View all responses in our AskPB section. You might also be interested in the following P&B Series:

Define Your Financial Goals

The first step to reaching your financial goal is to start. As with any journey, it is easier to get lost if you are unclear about where you are going. We’ve made it easy for you. To keep you motivated, we aggregate content focused on getting started on the financial independence, career, or entrepreneurial path of your choice.

Find our calls-to-action and step-by-step guides in our FinGoals section.

Our Favorite Personal Finance Tools

Our Personal Finance Center is updated monthly. This quick-list addresses our listeners most FAQ.

Paychecks & Balances’ 15 Minute Money Plan

Investing 15 minutes today can change the next 15 years with our free 15-Minute Money Plan covering: Budgeting for Beginners, How to Build a Debt Free Plan, and How to Estimate Your FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) Retirement Number. Our free tool shows you the exact amount you need to save each month to reach financial independence.

Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

Debt and Money Management Calculators

Additional Resources


Make Money Blogging

  • How to Start a Blog – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is the self-made millionaire behind She credits finding her purpose and sharing her story through blog writing for her personal and financial success. With her easy-to-follow course, you can be up and running your own blog in less than a day!
  • Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Over 50-percent of Michelle’s How I Made Over $1,500,000 In 2018 revenue comes directly from successful affiliate marketing.
  • Making Sense of Sponsored Posts – You can also quickly learn how she made her first blogging income, and how she now makes $10,000 – $20,000 a month with sponsored partnerships.

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