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When we decided to bring back the P&B Blog our first stop was to visit with the people. Yes, the same dedicated listeners, supporters, and network that propelled the podcast to top five in Apple Podcast and #BLESSED us with hundreds of 5-star reviews! Who better to ask?

Financial Independence Step 1: Create Your Money Plan

What were our listening audience and money-minded Facebook Group members most interested in? Money, duh!

Launch your money plan today with our favorite resources:

I Want Relatable Personal Finance Advice

Tired of reading unrelatable personal finance profiles on people who borrowed a small $100,000 loan from their parents, inherited their wealth, or lived at home while paying off thousands of dollars in debt in 48-hours all while buying HGTV homes on full-time professional video game player budgets? We heard you loud and clear!

Our listeners wanted real personal finance profiles of relatable individuals that live and work in the real world. From financial basics to expert advice, we’ll go beyond viral headlines that link to content that contains absolutely no applicable lessons to your life or actionable items by including step-by-step guides that highlight how individuals from a variety of backgrounds, age, and work experience reached financial independence.

You can follow all of these features in our Personal Finance section.

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What do the personal finance “experts” say?

Listeners want to know what the experts say about their personal finances. For this topic, we’ve created a simple #AskPB submissions inbox. You can send all your career and money questions and we’ll research the answer or find the subject matter expert who knows.

You can follow all #AskPB Q&A in our AskPB section.

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How do I set and reach my financial goals?

The first step to reaching your financial goals is to start. However, as with any journey, it is easier to get lost if you are unclear on where you’re going. We will read and review action items from the top 15 personal finance books, so you don’t have to. Further, we’ll aggregate positive, helpful content focused on getting you started on the right financial and career pathway to keep you motivated until you reach financial independence.

You can follow all our calls-to-action and step-by-step “how to” guides in our FinGoals section.

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