Let’s Keep Stacking Benjamins ft. Joe Saul-Sehy – PB164

Joe Saul-Sehy joins us on the podcast today. Joe is one of the hosts of the award-winning “Stacking Benjamins” Podcast, where he and his co-host OG discuss financial literacy. The show has been running since 2012 and since then, Joe and OG’s goal has been to make finance fun and more approachable.

There’s an ongoing joke that “ you won’t learn anything” on Stacking Benjamins, but you’ll be in a comfortable setting where money conversations are friendly. Joe, OG, and guests on the show often share their money mistakes in the hopes that the listening audience will learn from them.

Part of the podcasts success is Joe’s booking philosophy. He has diverse guests on the show from many different types of ethnicities and financial backgrounds. He believes that everyone has a money story to tell, based on the way they were taught about money growing up.

It’s from these stories and personalities that we can seek to deeper understand the way money affects the people around us.

Joe’s journey into finance started from his own mishandling of money in his younger years and a pivotal experience of running out of gas with his kids in the car solidified his desire to get educated about money and make a change.

In this episode, you’ll hear Joe’s story on how/why he started the podcast, why you need to jump on your big idea, how your weakness becomes a part of your life’s story, how to pick the right people to surround yourself with, and more.

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Show Highlights

  • “Just start ugly”
  • How your weakness becomes your story
  • The importance of your product and feedback from your audience
  • The struggle of deciding between short term solutions that are obvious and long term that are right
  • Why you need to seek out knowledge through books, podcasts, videos etc…
  • Finding the “good people” to surround yourself with
  • Having all the questions, not the answers
  • The importance of diversity in the finance sector

Key Takeaway: Everyone has a story to tell and it’s from these stories that we can get a better understanding of why people are the way they are and how their background influences their decision making in money, but more importantly in life.

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