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Personal Finance Spotlight: The Godmother of Financial Coaching

Saundra Davis, MS, APFC®

Saundra Davis is the self-described Godmother of Financial Coaching, and I believe it. When we met for the second time–at FinCon Expo: Where Money and Media Meet–Saundra dropped a quote on me so powerfully insightful that I had to capture it in the appropriate Millennial art form. Yes, you already know I had to do it for the Gram!

I still quote her to this day!

Saundra Davis Practices What She Preaches

Her financial story, like many of ours, is unique, yet relatable: in order to first learn about money she “made every money mistake possible before becoming an expert.” Doesn’t this money script sound familiar? Instead of giving up, she became even more determined to be a self-taught money expert. To do so, she completed a masters degree in personal financial planning before starting to teach others. After fixing her own finances, she is now passionate about teaching others how to link their values and their financial choices.

In a word where many would rather Tweet about it, Talk about it, and Netflix & Chill, I constantly see her making a real difference in the lives of people in the online and offline world. Her social media is filled with examples of her efforts to change people’s financial views one personal insight at a time. More than once I have been in a random conversation about personal finances around the country–and one time during a podcast interview–when just the mention of Saundra’s name is met with respect and admiration. While most people talk about what they might do one day, she is actively building a legacy in the present.

“Know your why, your enough, and your worth.” – Saundra Davis

As we say too often on the show–and see too infrequently in the streets–be a part of the change you want to see. That’s why I know for some of you personal finance purist out there the only real proof is in the numbers. I asked if she was willing to share her own personal finances as well? Saundra didn’t hesitate to show me the receipts.

She is a bonafide 58-years old certified financial coach with a household income of over six figures and a net worth of over $700,000. Not bad for a financial coach, educator, consultant, and motivational speaker.

Learn More About the Godmother of Personal Finances

In addition to the very visible impact she’s had in people’s lives, Saundra spreads her financial wisdom online and on her social media. Visit her website at and follow her today for some FinLit inspo:

What more can you expect from Saundra in the future? EXCELLENCE – certification plus expertise and a lifelong learning experience.

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