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We created this page so you can easily find the products, services, and companies we can confidently recommend. We use many of these resources or know the people behind them; and where we don’t, we’ve vetted to make sure they’re both legit and valuable.

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Get Your Money Right

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Tiller: If you’ve struggled with tracking finances in a spreadsheet, or avoided using one because of potential pain and suffering, Tiller is a game-changer. Connect your accounts (they’ve got all the privacy stuff) and it’ll automatically feed your spending, balances, and transactions into Excel or Google Sheets so everything is in one place.

They’ve got templates and all that, so there really isn’t a heavy lift. Tiller has helped me (Rich) stay on top of my transactions, and the daily email of account balances has been super helpful. I use it to this day and regularly recommend it offline. Learn more.

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Qube Money: If spreadsheets aren’t your thing, check out a previous sponsor of the podcast Qube Money. We’ve now partnered with Qube because this budgeting app is pretty awesome and so easy to use. They’ve taken the most successful budgeting system, cash envelopes, and digitized it to make it incredibly simple and convenient.

Their patented system is empowering more and more people to stick to a budget and save money. It’s great for couples too. And they’re continuing to add more and more features – including family accounts. See how easy it is to use Qube.

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Digit: Another personal fave. Digit analyzes your spending and automatically finds extra money and tucks it away for you. This is especially helpful if you have a tendency to see money in your account and…well…spend it. I’ve saved over $3,000 since I started using the service and what’s great is I didn’t even notice the money was being transferred from my checking account.

What’s also cool is you can set a limit for it to stop saving in case you’re worried about it pulling money when you need it most. To top it off, they have a no-overdraft guarantee. Check it out.

Public: It’s basically a social media network and trading app for investors of all experience levels. I learned so much since joining the app that I felt comfortable depositing $1,000 from my play fund to start actively investing. You can look now and see what’s in my portfolio and watchlist @iamrichjones.

You can also view the same info for other Public users (pretty cool feature). And one of my favorite aspects? It’s easy to see definitions of all the technical jargons, and learn in simple terms from the community. You’ll also get $10 in free stock when you open an account using my link. Formal stuff: This is not investing advice. Offer valid for U.S. residents 18+ and subject to account approval. See

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Deduct Everything – Carter Cofield is the Owner and Lead Advisor of Cofield Advisors, LLC. He’s a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Finance Specialist (PFS) that’s dedicated his career to helping creative entrepreneurs thrive.

His course is designed to help business owners and freelancers save thousands on taxes. So whether you’re a long-time business owner or you’ve just started that side hustle, Deduct Everything is filled with tax savings strategies that will put more in your pocket and out of Uncle Sam’s. Check out his podcast appearance to hear his passion. 

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