Trusted Resources

We created this page so you can easily find the products, services and companies that we can confidently recommend. We use many of these resources or know the people behind them; and where we don’t, we’ve vetted to make sure they’re both legit and valuable.

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Get Your Money Right

Tiller: If you’ve struggled with tracking finances in a spreadsheet, or avoided using one because of potential pain and suffering, Tiller is a game-changer. Connect your accounts (they’ve got all the privacy stuff) and it’ll automatically feed your spending, balances and transactions into Google Sheets so everything is in one place. They’ve got templates and all that, so there really isn’t a heavy lift. Tiller has helped me (Rich) stay on top of my transactions, and the daily email of account balances has been super helpful. I use it to this day and regularly recommend it offline. Learn more.

Digit: Another personal fave. Digit analyzes your spending and automatically finds extra money and tucks it away for you. This is especially helpful if you have a tendency to see money in your account and…well…spend it. I’ve saved over $3,000 since I started using the service and what’s great is I didn’t even notice the money was being transferred from my checking account. What’s also cool is you can set a limit for it to stop saving in case you’re worried about it pulling money when you need it most. To top it off, they have a no-overdraft guarantee. Check it out.

HoneyFi: Trying to achieve a financial goal with your partner? HoneyFi makes it fun with this cool app. You connect the accounts of choice and you control how much detail your partner sees (not that I’m encouraging shady dealings). One fun use: you can create a challenge. For example, you compete with each other to save a certain amount of money, reduce spending, etc. There’s also the standard stuff like budgeting and bill tracking. Get a free 30-day trial and see how it works for y’all. The app is pretty clean, too.

M1 Finance: This is the sleekest investing app I’ve come across. If you’re looking for a robo-advisor that does all the work for you, this is not it. If you’re a beginning investor ready to give it a go on your own, they make it easy with 80+ expert portfolios. I noticed right a way they recommended a few funds that I’m already invested in elsewhere. If you’re an experienced investor, the app has a lot of customization options. M1 also allows you to borrow and set up a checking account. To leverage borrowing, you need to have at least $10,000 invested on the platform, which isn’t small money. But if you do, you can get the money instantly without a hard credit check and at a low rate. To set up a checking account, you need to have an investing account. Hence this being an investment-first app. I don’t think that’s bad, but it’s important that you know. They also have a news stream so you can see the latest in the market. Peep M1 Finance

Credible: I haven’t needed to refinance or secure a loan, but I’ve spoken with their team and tested the platform. Credible is an online marketplace that provides folks with competitive, customized loan offers (personal loans, student loan refinancing and private student loans) from several vetted vendors (they have really tight relationships with them) in real time. No need to go to 11 different sites or worry about a hard credit check just to see what’s out there. Their pre-qualification process is better than what you’ll experience on many of the similar platforms out there. (I can’t say all because I haven’t tried every single one).

Investing Courses

Trade Your 9 to 5Tela Holcomb shows you how to trade your way to financial Freedom and build a legacy of wealth – all without working 40+ hours a week in her easy-to-understand course. We know Tela from multiple conferences and she also was our first podcast guest to give a deep dive on investing. The best part? We didn’t need to ask her to clarify a whole lot because she kept things simple. You’ll find more of the same in her course.

The Perfect Portfolio – A step-by-step program to build financial freedom. Kevin L. Matthews II is a Certified Financial Planner, bestselling author, and former financial advisor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hampton University, obtained a certificate of financial planning from Northwestern University and a certificate in disruptive strategy from Harvard Business School. He was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors by Investopedia. Basically, he’s a brother you need to know. Check out his course.

Trade and Travel Teri Ijeoma is a teacher turned trader (and MIT grad) that shows you how to supplement your daily, weekly or monthly income with trading so that you can live your best life. She makes over $1,000 a day and that’s not just from teaching people how to dougie trade. She’s got receipts. Plenty of them.  Her Trade and Travel program teaches you how to pick the right companies , protect your portfolio, price your trades and more. We encourage you to listen to her appearance on the pod. It’ll give you a good sense of what she’s about. 

Business Courses

Deduct Everything – Carter Cofield is the Owner and Lead Advisor of Cofield Advisors, LLC. He’s a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Finance Specialist (PFS) that’s dedicated his career to helping creative entrepreneurs thrive. His course is designed to help business owners and freelancers save thousands on taxes. So whether you’re a long time business owner or you’ve just started that side hustle, Deduct Everything is filled with tax savings strategies that will put more in your pocket and out of Uncle Sam’s. Check out his podcast appearance to hear his passion.