On the show with us today is Lisa Hylton, a controller who manages funds that invest in real estate. Lisa currently resides in Los Angeles but grew up in Grand Cayman with her real estate investing parents who eventually influenced her to build a career in the same sphere. Her mission is to educate, inspire and provide opportunities to people around the world to invest in real estate. You can check out Lisa’s podcast “The Level Up REI Podcast” where she delves deeper into the vast world of real estate investing.

In today’s episode Lisa talks about her role as a controller and answers Marcus and Rich’s questions on some of the lesser-known real estate terminology and topics out there. She also breaks down and introduces us to expansive opportunities the world of real estate has to offer. We learn the importance of getting educated and understanding real estate by using the resources available to make your money work for you

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Show Highlights

  • What a controller does
  • Real estate syndication
  • Discussing paper loss
  • Things to consider before investing
  • Getting your ‘financial house’ in order and being prepared with an emergency savings that is accessible in a pinch
  • Investing for appreciation vs. investing for cash flow
  • 506-C offerings vs. 506-B offerings
  • How to use retirement accounts to invest in real estate
  • The 401K rollover process
  • Building Generational Wealth

Key Takeaway: The opportunity to invest in real estate is within reach and can be achieved with the right financial and informational preparedness.

Lisa Hylton

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Investing Made Easy


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