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1. Hey Rich and WIM! I love the show! It has been a wealth of information as I try to successfully navigate the workplace and get my finances in order. My question is about cover letters.

What amount of significance does the cover letter play in the hiring process? I would like to know especially for applicants in technical fields like engineering. I am an engineer who spends a lot of time crafting specific letters for each application, but I wonder if I am wasting my time. I’ve found a few resources to help me write a great job application cover letter but should I be doing it every time? Do hiring managers even read them or are they only scanning resumes for key words and specific skills?

2. I applied for a job about a month or so ago. I did some research and emailed the [*removed by editor*]. I told her I was interested in working for the company and that I applied to two different positions there. She emailed me back and said I lacked experience for one and they were close to hiring someone for the other. She told me they liked my resume but just didn’t have anything available. She said she’d keep my name on file and that in the future, the team would be expanding so I should keep checking the job board.

I’m really interested in the company. Would it be doing too much to try and set up a meeting with the office and get some general interest questions answered? I know that it isn’t far fetched at most companies and this place is more of a tech startup. Not sure how to navigate asking for a meeting like this, particularly when the person I spoke to doesn’t work in that particular office.


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