QA11: I Want to Fix My Debt by My Birthday


We received two great debt-related questions this week. A listener recommends the “snowball” treatment, and another listener ask please help “fix my debt.” We’re always happy to answer the questions, you ask and we research! Excuse the link-overload, but it’s important we provide you with all the tools you need. Check out this week’s show if you have a question about the first steps to managing your debt or email us your specific career and debt management questions if you want us to consider answering on a live show!

Listener Recommends:

Wassup fellas, long time listener, love the show.

You guys always talk about paying off debt and that’s motivated me to tackle my credit card debt. I was on my company’s benefits site and under financial resources they had a credit card debt payoff calculator. And basically this calculator tells you to put in your credit card balances and the interest rate and also how much extra you want to put towards paying off your debt each month. It then calculates how long it will take you to pay off the debt with the extra money versus if you just pay the minimum payments (which they assume is 3% of the balance). They then create a payment plan using the avalanche method of tackling the highest interest rate cards first and show you how much to pay on each card for how many months (you always pay at least the minimum) and then once you get a card paid off you put that payment to another card. So for example, if you’re paying $300 in CC payments each month and you want to pay another $50 they allocate that $350 across the cards until all the debt is paid off. Does this make sense?

Listener QA:

So I want to get out of credit card debt by my 26th birthday next year in May.

I have 11,464.51 at 18% APR and 1,848.43 at 0% till October after that it’s 17% APR. After taxes I take home $3200. I’m just not sure where to start. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Helpful links and sources for this week’s QA responses:

  1. We cover how to make a budget in less than 15 minutes on Paychecks and Balances episode, Where’d My Money Go?
  2. If you want to automate your budget, Rich and Marcus discuss the apps we use as well as a budget app a listener recommends on QA 8.
  3. Need a FREE Debt Payment Calculator? We’ve recommend three you can choose from:
  4. Chase Bank Presents: The Big Difference 10 Little Dollars Can Make


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