Chris Browning, Popcorn Finance, and MG, Paychecks & Balances,
at FinCon Expo 2017


Ever wanted someone to sit you down and calmly explain the ins and outs of personal finance in just a few minutes? Well, look no further, Chris Browning is the man for you! Chris is the creator of the wildly popular financial podcast, Popcorn Finance, a podcast which is dedicated to helping you understand your finances better in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn. After shelving the idea for his podcast for three years, he finally decided to turn his fantasy into a reality when he realized that most millennials were struggling with cripplingly credit card debt, bad saving habits, and a serious lack of financial literacy.

His podcast offers an array of different series, such as Popping with F.I.R.E, Back to School Series, Investing 101, Side Hustle Series, and Tiny Living Series, which focus on different ways you can gain financial independence and money wellness. During the day Chris works as an Analyst, but at night, he shares his passion for teaching and discussing personal finance to listeners just like you. He has been featured on CNBC, Nerdwallet, Pennyhoader, Investopedia, and Vice and Popcorn Finance is frequently credited with being one of the Top Ten Financial Podcasts available worldwide.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Chris took an idea for a podcast and turned it into one of the top rated financial podcasts available, his personal struggle with self-doubt when starting his own business, his love for Tiny Houses, and he got rid of $27,000 debt in just a few years.


  • Chris’s art past and what led him to a career in finance
  • Analyst by day… Podcaster by night.
  • Why did it take 3 years to launch Popcorn Finance?
  • How you can shrug off self-doubt and the harshness of negative feedback
  • Secrets to finding success faster and pushing through
  • Making saving a priority in your life today
  • Unraveling Chris’s unique love for Tiny Homes
  • Should you consider going to therapy?
  • Is money personal? Why don’t we talk more about it?
  • Money transparency can both help and harm
  • Dealing with $27,000 in debt propelled Chris forward in his career and his marriage

Key Takeaway: Mastering financial independence isn’t always easy, but with just a few minutes each day, Popcorn Finance can start you on your journey to finally earasing all that credit card debt, jumpstarting your savings account, and boosting your confidence with how you handle money. It only takes repetition, routine, and vision to rewrite your financial future!

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