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Paychecks & Balances is an award-winning podcast dedicated to helping millennials navigate their finances and careers, so they can achieve the freedom they want. Whether I’m talking to an expert or everyday folk, I keep things simple so you don’t have to worry about complex jargon and confusing concepts. You’ll always walk away with an actionable tidbit no matter the topic.

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Keep That Same Energy ft. Steven M. Hughes – PB 187 Paychecks & Balances

Steven Hughes is back on the podcast for round two. Steven is a Financial Wellness Educator and Reiki Practitioner. Steven works with individuals and companies by giving them the tools they need to make healthier money decisions. Steven is a nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor and was selected as one of only 400 young adults in the world to join the World Economic Forum's esteemed Global Shapers Community in 2015.Today we’re discussing why he quit his job to pursue entrepreneurship, how to gain control of your thoughts, setting goals and managing money expectations, the importance of a financial plan, why he decided to become a Reiki Practitioner, The Four Money Cycles and the Financial Wellness programs he builds for people and companies.
  1. Keep That Same Energy ft. Steven M. Hughes – PB 187
  2. The Pillars of Wealth ft. Patrice Washington – PB186
  3. Playing the Game at Work (plus a big announcement) ft. Zach Nunn of Living Corporate – PB185
  4. Money Updates & Lessons Learned – PB184
  5. Giving Yourself Financial Grace ft Malcolm Hodge – PB183

Meet the Host

Rich is the founder and host of Paychecks & Balances. He has 11 years of experience working in staffing and human resources across industries, and in 2018 became 100% debt-free. He’s been building online brands since 2008 and podcasting since 2013. By day, he’s an Internal Communications & Change Management Specialist at Google.

When he’s not talking careers, finances, or podcasting, he enjoys writing and watching men in tights fake fight to a predetermined conclusion. He’s also a foodie that will try just about anything once (unless he knows he’s allergic).