14 Personal Finance Newsletters that Will Save You Time and Money

Email Newsletters are a great way to maximize your time and money! One of our most popular posts was Subscribe to These Top 10 Personal Finance NewsLetters to Get Your Paychecks Up and Balances Down.

Unfortunately, some of the original creators have moved on to other spaces, ceased publishing, or reached that financial independence lifestyle we money nerds are all striving for, and now they live in a condominium down by the river.

Lucky for you we updated our list with our new favorites and the best personal finance newsletters anywhere on the web.

Personal Finances

Apex Money – Apex is a daily email newsletter that is curated by J.D. Roth (@JDRoth) and Jim Wang (@WalletHacks) containing THE BEST in money and personal finance articles, video, and audio designed to change the way you think about money and life. Sign-up or view the archives here.

Paychecks and Balances – Yes, we’re still putting ourselves on our own list. Deal with it! PB Email subscribers get instant access to our FREE 15-Minute Money Plan, early access to courses, and exclusive discount coupons and codes.

Your Money and With Interest by The New York Times – Did you know the New York Times has two money-themed newsletters (and a Facebook Group for Personal Finance Podcast)? Well, now you know! Find these and more at nytimes.com/newsletters.

Get Rich Slowly – JD Roth (@GetRichSlowly) is still a fav! He joined us in the early days for PB34: Become a Money Boss ft. J.D. Roth and returned for PB87: Your Money Mindset Matters ft. J.D. Roth. Join his great newsletter or visit the site at getrichslowly.org.

GoBankingRates@GoBankingRates keeps us informed about personal finance and in full disclosure I did contribute some pieces of my own for them here or sign-up for their newsletter by clicking here.

The Penny HoarderThePennyHoarder.com (@ThePennyHoarder) has been around forever and by “forever,” I mean in Millennial years, so like 2010. “The Penny Hoarder is one of the largest personal finance websites helping millions of readers worldwide earn and save money by sharing unique job opportunities, personal stories, freebies and more.”

Clark HowardClarkHoward.com (@ClarkHoward) remains a great money source and expert in the personal finance space.

Nerd Wallet@NerdWallet is an all-around favorite of ours for great resource personal finance, investment advice, credit card and debt management. We’ve also gotten a few great features from their talented writers: African-American Financial Gurus to FollowHow One Man Dug Out From $30,000 in Debt; and What You Can Learn About Saving From a Former Big Spender. You can follow their personal finance stories here or join their Small Business Newsletter here.

Market Watch @MarketWatch has more free newsletters than a little bit, covering everything from personal finance to weekly roundups. If you prefer Twitter, check out this great follow list: The 50 most important people for investors to follow.

Work and Money

Smart Brief – curates over 200+ email newsletters! For money and career reads, we subscribe to their Retirement Security and SmartBrief on Leadership newsletters.

MONEY – With a name like money, it’s easy to guess what Money delivers on. From Money.com. Take a weekly or daily dive down money lane here.

Investment Advice

The Paper Trail – Eric Patrick, creator of The Black Market Exchange, has a simple goal with his awesome financial newsletter: to help you start the day ahead of the stock market curve with the latest news, trends, and tips and some funny commentary to go along with them. Every morning, you’ll receive an email with major events from the previous day, a breakdown of those events, how they impact you as an investor, and digestible lessons on stock market lingo and concepts.

Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE)

Camp FIRE Finance – comes out each weekday morning and is drawn from over 700 personal finance sites listed in their feed. See for yourself here.

Good News

James Clear – This is not necessarily a money or personal finance newsletter but it is one of my personal favorites. The author of Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones sends out his “3-2-1” newsletter every Thursday with 3 ideas from James, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question for you. His newsletter is marketed as “the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web” and we have to agree with him. Sign-up here!

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