Editor’s Note: In December 2017, The Washington Post spotlighted TM Landry. This sparked our interest in obtaining an interview. Unfortunately, after we had already recorded and released our episode, The New York Times conducted an investigation questioning the findings of The Post and the school founders’ practices. A listener of the show, and former students of the TM Landry program, contacted us to share and corroborate their story. We were shocked and saddened by the news. We have elected to leave the podcast live for any parties who want to hear the un-edited interview.


TM Landry College Prep is an independent, coeducational year-round college prep school founded by Tracey and Mike Landry. The program was sold as an intellectual, “out-of-the-box” thinkers who want to pursue a serious, purposeful education, with the ultimate goal of achieving success in college and beyond.

Show Highlights

  • Personal Finance and investing is taught as early as the third grade.
  • There are no standardized tests for Elementary and Middle School aged Students.
  • Grades are only given out as A’s or F’s. Anything under 90% is considered an F.
  • Administration at TM Landry encourages students to questions teachers and administrators.
  • The vast majority of students commute, some as far as 150 miles round trip.
  • Students at TM Landry must participate in hundreds of hours of community service.

The Takeaway: The school is at the forefront of non-traditional educational ideas and philosophies.

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