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Career Moves That Raise Your Salary And Help You Pay Off Debt (#DebtFreePeriod) – PB97

Rich and Marcus discuss how to make good career decisions. They’ll be sharing some tips and tricks on how to operate from a position of strength when going on job interviews, how following your efforts can lead to better results than following your dreams and how moving to a different city for work can set you up for some huge career moves later in life. Plus, Rich lets you know just how valuable your LinkedIn profile can be.


  • Rich pays off his car loan 2-years early and shares how and why.
  • Your credit score fluctuates negatively at a higher rate when you miss payments, then it fluctuates positively when you’re making timely payments. That’s now how any of this is supposed to work, or is it?
  • People have trouble with the mindset shift that needs to take place in order to save money or pay off debt. They understand the steps but struggle taking action. “The simpler the plan, the harder it is to follow.” – unknown
  • Climbing the ladder at work is the result of getting a plan in place and taking the deliberate action to exceed expectations.
  • Know the value of transferable skills when looking for a job in a different sector.
  • There can be temporary value in taking a job in a different field with lower pay IF you’re using it to pivot toward a more distant career goal.
  • Only 1 in 5 households in the USA will earn over $100,000.
  • Your LinkedIn profile needs to match your resume. Employers are looking at your profile and comparing it to your resume for inconsistencies.

The Takeaway: In the short-term, taking steps to better position yourself professionally is another route to better position yourself financially in the long long-term.

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