From $47,000 in Debt to Financial Independence ft. Candice Marie – PB91

Today Candice Marie has a positive net worth, savings, investments and paid off over $47,000 in debt! This wasn’t the case just six years ago when she didn’t want to check her net worth because she knew it was in the negatives. While some of us worry about living paycheck-to-paycheck, Candice had to get use to a no-check-to-no-check lifestyle after struggling for years to find steady work after graduating college. Rather than get discouraged, she used this as an opportunity to become self-taught about personal finance. She began sharing her experiences through Young Yet Wise. The network she built and stories she shared there helped motivate her to stay on track and learn more about smart money management. She joins Paychecks & Balances this week to give you realistic tips for reaching your own financial goals.

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  • How focusing on net worth versus just debt and savings management helped motivate her to reach her financial goals
  • Candice saved $1,000, began investing with only $1,000, then focused on paying down her debts
  • Why she chose the Snowball method when tackling her Student Loans
  • The apps and tools she recommends for tracking and managing your investments and financial goals
  • Visit her website to sign-up for her free 5-day money challenge to jump start your own journey to financial freedom

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