PB83: Stay Ready

Rich brings back the This Week in Work segment, covering the importance of staying ready in life and at work. Our discussion covers:

  • What to do when your company is downsizing or you might be facing a potential layoff
  • Why you may want to consider having TWO RESUMEZ for internal and external job applications
  • How updating LinkedIn Quarterly can separate you from your competition
  • Don’t forget your ABCs – Always Be Connecting: access the hidden job market available to those who prioritize networking and mentoring in their careers

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  1. I thought that was pretty insightful advice from young professionals. I’m a young boomer, yeah oxymoron I know! I’m slightly early retired after a really fun career that took me from college intern all the way to the top job of the largest operation in a Fortune 500 company. The one thing I differ with in your advice is I think the target should be to be the number one guy, top 20% only insures you’ll be working for the guy who puts no.1 as his target. My goal was to run the division by the time I was 40 and at 41 I was doing that. But I did not do it by throwing time at the job, I did it by deep work and intense work but I didn’t go in early or stay late, in fact I suspect most of my coworkers worked longer hours. I just worked smarter and constantly had my eye on my goals. Things like volunteering for anything nobody else wanted to do, particulary speaking out in the community, volunteering at local schools and putting my internal customers as my top priority really made me hard to compete with. And because I bought drinks for the instructors at every seminar I attended and got to know the acclaimed experts in our business worldwide by the time I was up for promotion to major positions I had a stellar network and I was promoted past a half dozen guys senior to myself. I’m not arguing your advice but I’d tweak your target to never being satisfied with being less than the star prodigy at work that after awhile everyone knows is on her or his way to the top. If that can only be done with more time, which wasn’t the case with me, it sitll might be a good trade off because the financial rewards of making it to officer level at a major corp dwarf regular paychecks pretty much and allow pretty early retirement if you choose. I chose to keep working because it did not take extreme hours and was fun.

    1. Hey there. Thanks for the detailed comment. I’m late, but that’s better than never. Nothing to dispute here. This is something I’ll probably revisit on a future episode. One thing I thought about afterwards is how I know my strengths and can turn it on and off as needed. Not everyone can do that. Some folks will need to go 110% in to get to the top 20%, which is a good point of clarification.

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