PB8: Credit Roulette

get it gone

PAYMENTS? Credit card, PAYMENTS? WE TALKING CREDIT CARDS PAYMENTS??? That’s right friends. We talking credit card payments. This week we also address two listener questions from our Twitter account:

  1.  RT @mmhmmgirl @PayBalances: what’s the quickest way to get a lowered interest rate?
  2. RT @itsa_toristory @PayBalances: what should I be looking for when getting my first credit card?

#PayBal Episode 8 covers:

Have more questions about the best debt payment plan? We recommend you use this FREE BankRate calculator to find even more ways to save on your credit cards and identify the best debt repayment strategy for your budget or contact us with your specific career or debt management question for a future PaychecksAndBalances Q&A.


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