PB75: Paychecks on a Plane ft. Brian Fontenot of Driftr Travels

This week we’re joined by Brian L. Fontenot. Brian is a well-known tech entrepreneur in the Austin, Texas area. He is also a philanthropist,  public speaker, world traveler, and illustrious member of the AΦA organization. We were happy to have Brian on the show to share his perspective on personal finance, open up about his community service passions and BLF Foundation, and provide tips for how you can travel like a baller while staying within your budget.

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On this show we discuss:

  • The trip that inspired Brian to start a community for travelers to find and share travel deals, ideas, and connections through “Driftr Travels”
  • Intelligent ways you can responsibly use credit cards – paid off in full every month – to reduce or cover your out-of-pocket travel costs
  • How you can use your local Visitor Bureau to find free, cheap deals and “staycation” ideas right within your city or state
  • His views on the importance of education, community service, and giving back through the BLF Foundation and other initiatives

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  1. My husband and I traveled through Europe for 6 months last year with our toddler. It was awesome because she was still able to fly free and I am sad those days are now behind us. We’ve had great success using airline miles earned through credit cards. In fact, we have flown internationally 4 separate times from the states(Guatemala, Argentina, Italy, London) on miles and saved a ton of money.

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