On a quick note, Rich discusses the benefits of keeping your credit card information up-to-date (income, address, etc.). However, this week’s main topics? Career moves you can make in your 20s to win in your 30s. Already in your 30s? Ok, still applies! We share our own experiences and lessons learned from the 5 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 30s. Topics cover but are by no means limited to: 1) How to Boost Your Leadership Skills; 2) The Importance of Networking and Coworker Relationships; 3) Why Your Relationship with Your Ex-Boss Is Still Important at Your New Job; 4) Public Image and Personal Branding (Be sure to check out our previous episode on the importance of branding and mentoring here); and 5) How Public Speaking Can Set You Apart from Your Peers. Also, need additional tips to improve your public speaking? We have an episode for that.


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