PB66: How to Quicken Your Savings, Reach Financial Independence, and Retire Early

The Millennials are at it again. Our generation discovered in 20-years what other generations took 40-years to figure out: working your entire life away so maybe you can retire (if you’re lucky) is a recipe for suc-sucks! On this episode, we explore #lifehacks and the simple math that can help Millennials hasten their financial independence and retire early enough to actually enjoy our money long before age 67.

  • The History of FIRE” lays the groundwork for our discussion on FI/RE (Financial Independence / Retire Early)
  • TheCollegeinvestor.com shares how you can become Financially Independent while still enjoying your money when you’re young
  • Find motivation and money by maximizing savings on the three expenses where the average household spends over 60-percent of their income: home (33%); transportation (16%); and food (13%)
  • The simple formula you can use to calculate the amount of money you need to reach financial independence and why it might be as low as $2,000/mo
  • The monthly totals you need to save each starting at ages 20/30/35/40 to retire early



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