PB58: Wait ‘Til I Get My Money Right


A new Money Minute inspired listener question and our drive to get our and your money right so we can stunt — responsibly and within our budgets, of course — on the haters! A This Week in Work update finds Rich delving even further into the seedy underworld of the professional dark side, also known as Middle Management.

Money Minute

  • After our How Much You Need to Save Each Month to Retire With $1,000,000 blog equally excites and depresses folks on both the wrong and right side of 30, a listener on Twitter laments: Who at age 23 has $415 of excess money?!? Well, we’re glad you asked because we have the answer for how you can make more, save more, or both.
  • How the Average American Spends Their Paycheck and one easy change you can make this week that can save you hundreds as early as next month.
  • Tips for finding your personal financial motivation and defining your why informed our thoughts on the new Census report on US median household net worth: White: $132k Asian: $112k Hispanic: $13k Black: $9
  • Let’s learn to Research Refinancing Your Car 101

This Week In Work

  • If you want to go hungry, just promote to Management???
  • Those unspoken job roles and responsibilities that come with promotions that no one tells you about.
  • Life Hacks and Pro Tips for ‘Keeping It Real’ at work so you can go viral on Friday without being fired by Monday.



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  1. I was slightly offended and surprised by the “we need to do better” statement with regards to the average net worth of black people because it implies that we are the sole arbiters of our circumstances and doesn’t take into account the 200+ years where we were not allowed to participate in the systems that help to build generational wealth, which helps to increase one’s net worth. I agree that we should be diligent about budgeting our money, saving for retirement, and working toward maintaining high credit scores, but it will definitely take more than that to close the racial wealth gap.

    1. That’s fair. The full context of the discussion when this comment came up was around the listener’s question on how to save $1,000,000 by retirement (or $415/mo) not closing the racial wealth gap. We didn’t put ourselves in this position alone, but I believe there’s a lot we can do to improve.

      The actions you described can set us all up to succeed and build net worth within our lifetimes, as well as generationally. I’ve seen it done, and I’m working on repeating it myself. I plan to teach my children the same. What I hope to share on the show — and demonstrate through my own actions — is meant to help and reach as many as I can so we can all benefit.

      Thank you for the comment.

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