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PB54: A Thousand Debits + Getting Promoted

While some folks are of the opinion that Millennial’s affinity for avocados is the only thing keeping us from owning homes, we here at Paychecks & Balances offer opinions you can actually use. Opinions based on math and common sense when common sense is as uncommon as, apparently, Millennials who own a home. Marcus provides an update on the successes and lessons learned two weeks into the 50/30/20 Budget and Rich shares another win in the career column. This week’s PB segments we cover:

Money Minute

  • What’s the first step to developing a budget and debt free plan you’ll actually use? Focus on defining your “why.”
  • A quick tip to modernize the “envelope system” with a few simple updates to your online checking account(s).
  • How you can break the cycle of YOLO, FOMO, and debit cards draining your financial tank with debt by a thousand debits.

This Week In Work

  • Rich reflects on a recent promotion and the proactive steps he took to make his way towards another step in the American Dream: Middle Management.
  • The pros and cons of the career ladder climb and why you might consider passing on a promotion if you’re a voluntold versus a volunteer.
  • The change in expectations from staff and upper management as you go from the middle cubicle to the corner cubicle (open office concept models for the win?).


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Have a career advice or debt free question? ASKPBThis week’s question comes from the social medias: We had a listener who went from having one direct report to more direct reports and they wondered if they should ask for more money as a result?



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