PB48: Renting vs. Buying with Kirk Chisholm

The rent is too damn high! But, what happens when the mortgage is too high, also? Among many other quarter-to-midlife items on the must have crisis checklist, the “you need to buy a home” struggle is real. Whether we like it or not, many of us still see homeownership as the final ornament on top of the Christmas tree of life that officially marks when we’ve graduated to adulthood and the “American Dream.” Many of us dream of buying a beautiful house from somewhere like William Pitt Realty and getting a mortgage. But, have you ever thought about who sold us this dream? Is homeownership an expense or an investment? What happens when you don’t own, you prefer to rent, or you have no interest in ever owning a home? The answers are complicated. There are many things that go into renting a house or apartment, such as and not limited to issues like a background check and tenant credit check etc.

Luckily, we have Kirk Chisholm on this week’s show to help us navigate the complex data and analyze the true pros/cons of renting versus owning. Kirk is a Principal and Wealth Manager at Innovative Advisory Group, an independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) located in Lexington, MA. He has been providing financial advice to individuals and families since 1999. “If you rent a home, it is an expense. When you buy a home, it is an expense. If you buy a home and rent it out to a third party, it becomes an investment.” In addition, this week we discuss:

  • What information you should review before deciding to rent or buy.
  • The true cost of homeownership and why a 20% downpayment on a home will not return the best investment on your funds compared to other investment options.
  • Why what you don’t know about renting versus buying can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • A listener voicemail on recommendations for easy-to-use index funds for young and first-time investors.

Don’t forget that you can always submit a voicemail question, too. It’s easy! Just visit our homepage and click the ‘Send Voicemail’ button! As an added bonus, Kirk has created a helpful checklist exclusively for Paychecks and Balances listeners! You can download your free tool by visiting innovativewealth.com/PB-podcast.



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