Back to the finances! Ok, I originally thought this was a clever reference, but I realized while typing it that Back to the Future came out in 1985. While we reflect on our lives as older Millennials, you can enjoy another great guest episode featuring Mandi Woodruff! Mandi is a personal finance expert with a special focus on Millennial spending. She’s also a former Yahoo personal finance reporter who’s appeared as an on-camera expert for CBS and Good Morning America. More recently, she’s become executive editor at, a money columnist at Teen Vogue and co-host of the Brown Ambition podcast. We had an awesome wide-ranging discussion with Mandi covering:

  • Relationships and money – how many of us have them – and tips for managing “your” money as you transition from I to we
  • How to start the dreaded ‘personal finance’ discussion with your partner
  • Tips you can follow to manage, or even lower, your student loan and Lies Your Student Loan Company Might Tell You
  • The one type of debt you should NOT pay off and why



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