PB42: The Millennial-Boomer Divide ft. Marc Miller

This week’s guest is Marc Miller. Marc runs the website CareerPivot.com and blog. His career included 22 years at IBM, thriving tech startups, and a stint as a high school math teacher. After thirty years of wandering the proverbial career desert, Marc learned his most crucial lesson: Most people don’t really know what makes them happy at their core, what fulfills them. Marc uses his extensive training experience to help others—especially Baby Boomers—find careers that they could grow into for the decades that lie ahead. We were happy to have him on the show to discuss a wide variety of topics including:

  • How individuals can best navigate multi-generational workplaces by focusing on their likenesses and using our differences as strengths to improve our work interactions
  • Focus on building resumes versus just college degrees
  • The outside forces that shaped each generation’s unique perspective on work and life
  • Career advice for your 20s, 30s, and 40s and how CareerPivot strategies can help prepare your for career longevity in or as you near retirement


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  1. This has to be the most insightful conversation I have listened to yet! I am a 26 year old IT in the workforce. I am so thankful that my degree allows me to work in so many places. Some key points that I took from this conversation that will definitely stick to me are:
    * I do prefer texting to calling and my bosses definitely text me. In fact, the hiring manager at the project I was recently placed on texted me instead of emailing about my on-boarding activities. (It was really weird but I eventually did get the email)
    * I’ve actually requested from my project manager to leave work early because I had nothing else to do that day and I was bored. AND I told him I was bored (lol).
    * I realize I have this expectation that every IT project that I interview for should let me know that I can work from home any time that I want.
    * And yes!!! Automation is beautiful and awful at the same time. Each time I think of the movies like the Jetson’s and SmartHouse I think what jobs do everyone else do when Rosie does majority of the household chores for you. Like who will be the mechanics, house cleaners, maybe even flight attendants if most of that can be automated.
    * Also, staying on top of the latest needs and skills in your career/area of interest. Thank goodness for online MOOC classes so that we don’t have to pay another 40-90K to get another degree in IT.

    Its going to be a scary world and exciting world ahead of us. Any-who, thank you for this conversation and this podcast. Definitely brought up things to keep at the forefront of the mind.

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