PB38: Just the Tip

Rich and Marcus return this week with a Money Minute tip and This Week in Work. This is a classic Paychecks and Balances episode. Help us, help you make your money great again! On this show we discuss:

  • Budgeting Sucks: Here’s how “just the tip” or 20% can help you make your budget and savings needs worry free
  • Tips for dividing your savings goals into Conservative; Moderate; and Aggressive
  • Why finding a mentor both at work and outside of work can separate you from the crowd and make your professional life easier
  • “Let me connect you to” – the key phrase that separates friends from mentors and coaches


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  1. Hi, I have some apps suggestions that you may want to check out. First Clarity Money, this app tracks your net worth along with your spending in addition this app will negotiate bills on your behalf or cancel rescuing bills that you no longer need.
    The other app is Penny, this app is really cool because it’s text format and it gives you statistics on your spending and lets you know what you are spending on and the percentage of your income your using. I find both of these apps really educational and very eye opening even when you have a monthly budget.

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