PB34: Become a Money Boss ft. J.D. Roth


This week we’re humbled and happy to be joined by J.D. Roth, formerly of Get Rich Slowly, and now the mastermind behind MoneyBoss! JD is a true renaissance man — a description I didn’t quite make up but I feel doesn’t get used enough so here we are — having originally created Get Rich Slowly to share his progress and lessons learned as he dug his way out of over $35,000 in personal debt. JD started from the bottom while Drake was still wheeling around on Degrassi! He describes himself as an “accidental personal finance expert” aka a regular guy who found himself deep in debt. After tremendous growth and success, he was able to sell GRS. Now he has moved on to host MoneyBoss.com, a site that candidly shares advice on personal finance and money management. On our show he shares:

  • How Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover helped JD develop his money management goals
  • When used correctly, money can buy happiness
  • The importance of developing a personal mission statement for focusing your core values and purpose
  • Why you need a ‘financial blueprint’ for prioritizing where your money goes and how you can use it to overcome your natural personality type if you’re naturally a ‘Spender’ or ‘Saver’
  • Tips for becoming your own money boss by establishing “You, Inc.” The company where you begin viewing your actions and your life as a business rather than a serious of random events and happenstance, “Instead of assuming you’re a victim of circumstance, I assume that you are the master of your own fate.” – JD



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    PB34: Become a Money Boss ft. J.D. Roth
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