PB25: PhD, Work and Money Degree (Listener Spotlight)


We’re joined by Doctor Katisha, an all-around dope Paychecks & Balances listener. She emailed us in response to PB18, the Cash Only episode. Turns out she has a pretty robust bank account system that we thought would help our listeners go beyond the 15 minute budget plan.

Upon further research, we also found out she is a Woman in Engineering that survived the gauntlet that is a PhD program.

Katisha opens with a little background about herself, how she got into engineering, and why she chose to pursue her PhD. Later in the episode, she talks about money, budgeting, and how she uses separate accounts to achieve her budgeting goals. Still not enough? She came bearing gifts! Check out the savings snowball article she introduced us to! But, that’s not all folks. For even more helpful advice columns provided by Doctor Katisha check out these helpful resources and our upcoming NewsLetter: How to Create a Plan to Pay Off Debt; How 14 Accounts Saved Our Budget; and The Best Online Savings Account in 2016.

Wow, you still want more? Welp. You should probably have a listen to this week’s funformative show…

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  1. Listening to this episode is great. I myself am a huge army brat and I can definitely relate with the guest. I was a major case, when it comes to moving (my freshman year in high school was the 12th school I attended). Thanks for another relatable episode.


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