On this week’s Paychecks And Balances ‘Money Minute’ we discover some easy ways to find money that’s literally laying around your house. The average American has $100 in unused gift cards. Are you one of them? Pretty sure you’ve spent all your gift cards? Ok. What about unused credit card points? Each year, we lose out on over $150+ million in unused credit card points. Redeem Yourself! Um, yeah, that will make more sense if you listen to the show.

In this week’s In the Trenches segment, we talk “The Point of Disappointment” and why you should fail hard, fail fast, then move on and learn from your mistakes. Don’t let disappointment be your stopping point, it’s just another point in the road to success. Learn. Apply. Repeat. Improve. Move on! Your road to success it out there. You just have to find out and we’ll show you how.


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