PB15: Podcast Movement, a Money-Saving App, and the 5-Year Plan


This week, Rich recounts his experience and lessons from the most recent Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago. It was a great opportunity for Rich to represent PayChecksAndBalances and connect with some listeners, followers, and talented content creators in the podcasting field. Thanks to everyone who showed support during the visit or connected with us in person! So, what’s the next conference in store for #PayBal — #FinCon 2016??? TBD!!!

Sticking to why we started the podcast — Career Advice and Debt Management Tips — Rich shares an app that he has been using for less than two months but that has already helped him save over $500! Want to learn more? Click here: paychecksandbalances.com/digit! To wrap-up the show, we follow-up on our most recent poll results: “Are ‘5 year plans’ still relevant for millennials?” Survey says: NAH! But, lucky for you, we do have some advice on how to turn an  un-reasonable 5-year plan into a millennial friendly 90-day plan that has already given us a proven track record for success and results you can actually measure and adjust in real-time.


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