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College is a time when young men and women are faced with real money management for the first time in their adult lives. They’re trying to pay rent, pay bills, buy books and have some fun along the way. Debt can pile up quick. This was the case for Steven Hughes, the interview subject for this week’s episode. After signing up for multiple credit cards from on-campus lenders he found himself in a debt hole he thought he would never get out of.

In this episode, you’ll hear Steven’s story on how he climbed his way out of debt and eventually founded his financial education company, Know Money. Steven started Know Money to help millennial’s avoid the same money mistakes he made and to help adults talk, think, and interact with money differently. He’s a nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor and manages all of the programs for the Know Money team.

Show Highlights:

  • Financial mistakes to avoid (but you’ll probably make anyway) in college
  • Predatory lending on college campuses
  • Side gigs for young adults
  • Setting reasonable salary expectations vs. salary reality for new graduates
  • The transferrable skills from a job in sales
  • The new reality of the gig economy
  • Delayed gratification and defining your “Why”
  • Why Action cures all

Key Takeaway: Figure out where your money is going each month and educate yourself about how credit works. When you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

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