Today’s episode is all about fresh starts. We’re a week into the New Year and the guys are shifting their energy to focus on new personal, career and podcast goals. These aren’t New Years Resolutions, they’re intentions. In this episode Rich and Marcus recap 2018 and share some big things they’ll work on throughout 2019.

Show Highlights:

  • Marcus is (temporarily) back in debt and share why he’s realized that getting out of debt is a marathon not a sprint
  • Debt Cycles – Going in and out of debt can be an on going process
  • Household money management vs. single money management
  • Having goals to hit vs. hitting every goal
  • Defining your “walk away” number for your day job
  • Why using “Digit,” the mobile savings app, can be the difference maker in reaching your savings goals
  • Why being accustom to a certain financial lifestyle isn’t a bad thing if you focus on supporting it
  • Clearly defining your negotiable and non-negotiable money moves
  • Why having a side hustle in this “gig economy” might already be the new normal
  • How to market research the skills you could already be getting paid for on the side
  • Getting comfortable promoting your business/side projects
  • Why moving at your own pace in your career and personal life is more important than rushing to the finish line
  • Key Takeaway: Determine the direction you want to take your career and personal life and be very intentional about your choices and where you put your energy. Take control of your decisions and go in a direction that makes sense for YOU

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