Maintain Your Lifestyle While Paying Off Debt ft. Jhanilka and Anthony Hartzog – PB158

You may remember Jhanilka and Anthony Hartzog from their earlier Paychecks and Balances Personal Finance Spotlight: This Couple Paid Off Six Figures in Debt in 23 Months with the Debt Snowball.

They cleared $114,000 in debt! On the show this week, they share their debt story and provide tips to pay off your debt quickly, while still maintaining a lot of the same comforts of your current lifestyle.

Their journey into paying down their debt started when Jhanilka bought Anthony Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” one Valentine’s Day.

They dove into the course together and initially didn’t have a set date in mind of when they wanted to become debt-free, but after three months into the process they saw how much money they were able to allocate towards debt payments and they made the goal of becoming debt-free by Jhanilka’s 30th birthday.


The couple mostly focused on playing offense to increase their income and allocated all extra money to pay down their debt.

In this episode, you’ll hear how in addition to their 9-5 they both got side jobs at Equinox and started using Apps like “Rover” and “Turo” to maximize their earnings. It was important for them to make big monthly payments towards their debt but also maintain their current lifestyle.

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Show Highlights

  • Working on a mix of student loan and credit card debt
  • Using other peoples debt stories and testimonials as inspiration for getting out of debt
  • Breaking down the numbers and setting a budget. Before you can make strides in paying off your debt you need to know where your money is going, and exactly how much is coming in and out every month
  • Increasing income rather than cutting back on expenses
  • Maintaining a relationship while constantly working and having more time apart than ever before
  • Rewarding yourself along the way when you reach a debt payment goal
  • Setting lifestyle expectations as a couple and determining what’s important to you as a whole and as individuals
  • Holding off on making big debt payments during this COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Look for a side hustle that’s related to your current career or skillset
  • Finding a side gig that you actually enjoy
  • You MUST have an online presence if you plan on maintaining revenue during this pandemic

Key Takeaway: You will inevitably need to cut some costs while trying to get out debt. But, you can also focus on increasing income and using that extra money for debt payments, so that you can maintain a lifestyle similar to the one you have now.

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