Mykail James is the founder of Boujie Budgets and is passionate about teaching Gen Z professionals how to manage their finances without sacrificing their lifestyle. Mykail is a Certified Financial Literacy instructor with an MBA focused on accounting, and her fresh new take on managing money and finances helps people understand money concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing. Mykail works with organizations such as the Howard University Trio Program and public schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia Metropolitan area to provide workshops and interactive lectures to inspire her audience to identify where their money traumas lie and take the steps to financial success.

Mykail joins me today to discuss how she was inspired by her parents to take charge of her finances from a young age and how their practical lessons in financial concepts helped her understand how to budget. She dives into the benefits of fintech and how having a system to help you manage your money decreases stress and enables you to prioritize your spending. Mykail also shares the story of her own tough lesson in managing her cash and lets us in on how she built her credit score back up and how you can do the same.

“If your savings are safe, and your bills are paid it really doesn’t matter where you spend your money – just ensure it’s benefitting you in the long run.”  – Mykail James

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What To Listen For

  • Why Mykail is driven to help her peers understand their finances
  • A beginners guide to opening a credit card and why it’s vital to understand what minimum payments are
  • How she juggles her job and Boujie Budgets and still has time to enjoy life
  • Books and podcasts she enjoys that boost her productivity and skills
  • How a system can help you manage your finances
  • Four basic steps that will help you manage your money
  • How to use financial technology (fintech) to create a personalized money management system
  • How to determine the ‘emotional goals’ for your money
  • How to start your financial reset
  • The secret to keeping your finances at the forefront of your mind

Tools & Resources Mentioned

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