Today, we welcome Michelle Jackson to the show! She is the founder of Michelle is Money Hungry, a holistic financial/entrepreneurial and wellness resource, focused on empowering women with financial tips and tricks. Michelle runs a popular blog and is also the host of the podcast “Michelle Is Money Hungry.” She offers a course on eBook creation explaining how she makes $1,000s a month in passive income, hosts an in-person retreat “Money on the Mountain,” and is the host of a second podcast about her love for Colorado called, “Square State: A Blog All About Colorado.”

In this episode, you’ll hear Michelle talk about her journey towards financial independence, how you can expand your network, and how to start your own business TODAY!

Show Highlights:

  • Empowering women with money and entrepreneurship
  • FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early
  • Why Michelle decided to quit her job
  • “You are not defined by your work”
  • Leveraging the internet to make money
  • The money trap of shopping at Target
  • Meet people in your areas of interest! Those contacts will get you jobs
  • Hanging with people who make more money than you
  • Fail fast and hard! Perfectionism is a waste of time
  • Listen to what your audience wants

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