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Making Money Online ft. Pete McPherson of Do You Even Blog – PB172

Pete McPherson, the founder of Do You Even Blog, gave up the ‘American Dream’ and left corporate America to pursue his personal dream of making a full-time income from a creative career.

He’s a former accountant with a CPA license who now provides new and experienced bloggers with a whole host of information on how they can create a successful blog and move from a nine to five job to a more flexible way of working.

Pete is also a conference speaker, and his insights have been featured on sites such as Forbes, Kinsta, Fiverr, and Lifehacker.

Pete McPherson from do you even blog

Pete joins me today to discuss his journey from accountancy to entrepreneur via a ‘transition’ job that didn’t pan out as planned.

He shares his definition of what blogging means to him and why he sees it as such an inclusive space, and also explains some common misconceptions around how bloggers make revenue from their content.

Pete also gives his top tips on how to create a sustainable infrastructure for your creative endeavor to maintain your blog’s forward momentum.

“Start today, start small, be consistent, because you have to put the work and effort in now to be successful down the road” – Pete McPherson

In This Episode of Paychecks and Balances:

  • How Pete became a ‘halftime entrepreneur’
  • How and why Pete built his emergency fund
  • How he dealt with being laid off from his job
  • The importance of crunching your numbers before you take your side hustle full time
  • How Pete explains and defines blogging
  • Signs that blogging might not be for you
  • Why blogging doesn’t make money overnight
  • The importance of consistency when blogging
  • The Paychecks and Balances podcast cheat code for getting your name out there
  • How to price your products and why you shouldn’t undervalue your work
  • Learning to sell yourself and your expertise
  • Three tips on how to pick a niche for your blog
  • Actionable ways to monetize your blog

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