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Let’s Talk Real Estate Investment Trusts ft. Andre Albritton of The Millennials Next Door – PB171

Andre Albritton, the founder of The Millennials Next Door, is a nationally recognized personal finance expert focusing on how to solve the financial problems millennials and centennials face.

His clear-cut approach to personal finance helps simplify how individuals can achieve financial freedom and reframe wealth, and his website aims to show people how to make their money work for them.

Andre’s work has been featured on Blavity, HBCU Wall Street, and in addition to his courses and blog, he hosts The Flavor Podcast.

Andre Albritton Headshot

Andre joins me today to share why he pivoted his focus from insurance to investment and why he made the decision to build his side hustle into a full-time business rather than work for someone else.

He discusses the factors holding millennials and centennials back from reaching their financial goals and how he works with people to focus in on how to take steps to gain financial freedom.

Andre also shares his knowledge and expertise on real estate investing and why he is running a virtual summit to help give people a taste of how and why to invest in real estate.

TMND Real Estate Investing Summit

“There are so many flavors to investing – and there is plenty of money for all of us, we can all come to the table and get seconds and even thirds.” – Andre Albritton

In This Episode of Paychecks and Balances:

  • Andre’s experience at State Farm Insurance at the beginning of his career
  • Why he chose to go into the insurance industry
  • How and why he switched focus to the investment niche
  • Why he decided to commit to The Millenials Next Door and take it to the next level
  • His entrepreneurship mindset
  • The most challenging aspect of building his business
  • How he got over his shyness and got his face out there to promote his services
  • Andre’s routine for speaking in public and how he communicates with his audience
  • Needs versus wants – how to work towards your goal
  • What a ‘REIT’ is, and how and why people invest in them
  • Robinhood investing and why you should be careful where you put your money
  • Difference between a REIT and a Real Estate Investment Fund
  • Andre’s Real Estate Investment Summit next finance summit focused on investing in real estate

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