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P&B Family,

I can’t open this by saying “hope all is well” while knowing it isn’t for so many of us. Being real, neither Marcus or I are in good spirits right now. There are no interesting reads or random tidbits for this week. We aren’t thinking about how to eliminate debt, start investing, or level up your career. We’re thinking about how we as black men can survive in America.

And that’s not a slight to Breonna Taylor. We’re equally as disgusted by her killing and will do our part to support. But as black men specifically, when someone that looks like us (George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery) is killed, it hits in a way that’s just as painful but creates a different type of reflection about our day-to-day lives and families.

It’s important I call that out because I don’t want Struggle Olympics, I want unity. And that unity isn’t just amongst People of Color or divided by gender. It’s unity of everyone that wants to see not just the United States, but the world do better. Because honestly, the events of the past weeks, months, years and centuries are unacceptable. We need action not silence, lip service and posts that reflect positively on brands.

And for brands, this is bigger than your bottom line. If you’re toeing the line right now because you don’t wanna offend folks, I ask you to reflect on who you are and what you’re about. And if you don’t value our lives, we don’t value your business. Silence isn’t acceptable. Performative or “I sent a tweet so I’m good” activism isn’t cool. And if you don’t believe in what many of us are fighting for, show the world who you are so we can make an informed decision on where our money goes.

I shared the graphic below on the ‘gram and have included it in case you’re looking for ways to financially contribute to racial justice work.

This will be heavy on our minds and hearts for a long time, but we do plan to get back to what you were initially here for next week. We’ll continue to include what feels right about this climate, but we also wanna see you make money, save money and get out of debt, all while having some fun along the way. Because while nothing is funny right now, having fun and distractions is a great way to ensure your mental health. Please do take care of yourself. We’re trying to do the same. Personally, I can’t wait for my next therapist appointment. It’s likely the most important one since I committed to this form of self-care nearly three years ago.

Be safe, I’m out, peace.


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