PB37: His & Her Money ft. Tai & Talaat McNeely


We welcome in 2017 with the awesome couple behind HisAndHerMoney.com, Tai and Talaat McNeely. His and Her Money is a journey of how two high school sweethearts fell in love, got married, but were total opposites when it came to handling their finances. Between being the proud parents of three children, Tai and Talaat find time to share their personal stories on love, money, and personal finance to help others find the financial freedom they have found. On this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Why you need to attach a personal mission statement to your budget goals
  • How following “the norm” can lead you financially astray
  • “You need more discipline, not more dollars.”
  • Advancing your financial discussion as your relationship advances, “as your relationship graduates, so should your conversations about finances.”


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  1. The McNeeleys were interesting. You gotta love church folks. First, marriage isn’t magic. Its a contract recognized by the state. So the marriage covenant vs marriage contract distinction the McNeelys harped on was a little annoying, but the rest was pretty meaty and worth the listen. I disagree with them that pre-married couples shouldn’t share an account. Opening a small, joint account for shared bills is wise and recommended. When you open it, the bank discloses how the operates, including that a lien can be levied against it for one or both individuals’ mistakes. I know more people who were screwed up by sharing accounts with their god-ordained spouse than people who thought through the best course of managing finances together without marriage, and decided on joint accounts for SOME of their money to facilitate paying joint expenses.

    1. I recognize that I am more than a little biased as the person who wrote in (I’m SK.. now SS) so my opinion can be taken with a grain of salt.

      Here’s my thing: I didn’t come to P&B for relationship council (we good!). I was hoping they would talk to things they know (as experts) in relation to finances. Its not known when you go from single to a MARRIED COUPLE. What to expect/best practices for your financial health as a married couple when it comes to: filing taxes, payroll exemptions, medical insurance, navigating ACA laws, retirement, etc.. Three points to make:

      1. I give both hosts credit for bringing the conversation back to topic: which was about Money and Marriage. Kudos to holding ya head!

      2. While I don’t agree with the idea of NOT having a shared account, I do think there was value in mentioning the downsides of the shared account. Some people don’t think of the downsides and hence, a woman was in the guest’s place of business crying about not being able to feed her babies. But that was where I was expecting them to speak of exactly what she did (maybe she didn’t have a percentage of her own money separated, maybe the government doesn’t care if it’s separate and you’re married. These are the kinds of questions I was hoping a guest expert would answer). Me and my now husband most definitely were giving them the side-eye for owning a house together BEFORE being married, but a small shared bank account got them up on a soap box.. o_O

      3. A lot of their ‘advice’ came from their own personal beliefs that than rounded back to money on a really vague basis. Had hoped there was more fact based details…..

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