Living Paycheck to Paycheck On $500,000 a Year (Pon Da Replay)

We re-re-visit our fastest downloaded episode ever, PB47: Barely Making It on $500,000! The Financial Samurai joins us for this episode to discuss his popular blog post about a couple struggling in a big city on yes, $500,000. The Financial Samurai (Sam Dogen) got his MBA from Cal and spent over 10 years working in the financial services industry. After 13 years of working in Corporate America and living the “American Dream,” money ceased to be a major driving factor. Sam wanted to live financially free. He fantasized about what it would be like to write, spend time with family, and travel, with little financial worries. Three years after starting in 2009 he achieve his goal! ICYMI, some gems from this show include:

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  • The exact moment when Sam finally realized what’s really important in life and why he walked away from the “American Dream” and a six-figure income to find true happiness
  • The planning steps and sacrifices he made through savings, smart investing, and passive income that allowed him to leave the rat race
  • What he learned from interviews and Q&A after the $500,000 article went viral article



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