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Lindsay Bryan – Podvin is on the show today. Lindsay is a financial therapist and the founder of “mind money balance”.  As the first financial therapist in Michigan, Lindsay’s goal is to help you feel empowered in your relationship with money and to guide you to some kind of financial and emotional balance, when you think about money. She wants everyone to not only be comfortable talking about money, but to feel confident while doing it. Lindsay is the author of “The Financial Anxiety Solution” which is a workbook that helps you interact with your money in a safe and powerful way.

While you’re listening to this episode, check-in with yourself. How does your bank account or investment portfolio make you feel? Once you can identify how interacting with your money makes you feel, you can change your thought patterns and behaviors around it and work on achieving greater financial and emotional balance. In today’s show, Lindsay helps define what financial anxiety is, how to address money conversations with your partner, how to change your long-held beliefs about money and how to achieve greater balance emotionally when you look at your bank accounts.

Show Highlights

  • The career shift from traditional therapy into financial therapy
  • Financial Anxiety – Being overly nervous about your money, whether you lack money or have an abundance of it
  • The different ways financial anxiety shows up in your life and different parts of your body
  • Coping with your financial anxiety by excess spending or saving
  • Why stress and anxiety in moderation can be empowering
  • Expressing gratitude for what you do have
  • Money and Infidelity – The top reasons for divorce
  • Tips for talking to your significant other about money
  • Our beliefs about money are solidified by the time we’re 8 years old

Key Takeaway: Financial anxiety affects wealthy people and people struggling to make ends meet, equally.

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