Wendy and Curtis from Hou$e Of Fi are on the show today. They’re a married duo whose mission is to help your family pay off debt, budget better, save more money and increase your income.

Wendy is a retired lawyer and Curtis is a high school teacher and Football Coach. Their journey into the personal finance space started back in 2008-2009 during The Great Recession, when they lost 2 homes. Along their personal finance journey, they’ve also overcome a period of time where they were drowning in six-figure college loan debt, consumer debt and living paycheck to paycheck, all while making six figures in income! This didn’t add up and they knew something had to change.

Wendy and Curtis were scared for their financial future and worried about not being able to help their kids with college. Since 2016 they’ve gotten rid of over 650K of debt. At House Of FI they share their money story, open up their toolbox and share their tools so that you can embark on your own financial independence journey and live a joy-filled life.

Wendy and Curtis offer a FREE course called “7-Step Money Foundations” aimed at educating people about their personal finances.

They also host the House Of FI podcast where they interview experts in the personal finance space and discuss topics such as: F.I.R.E, marriage and money, budgeting, investing, side-hustles, debt payment plans, strategies for paying off student loans and other relative money topics.

In today’s episode you’ll hear Wendy and Curtis’s money story, their money roles in their relationship, how they budget and prep for the future with six kids, and the steps they took to get out of debt.

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What To Listen For

  • Why married couples must determine what kind of lifestyle they want to live
  • The cost of having flighty dreams
  • Sacrificing things in the short term, to achieve long term goals
  • How income and gender roles can affect your marriage – Who is the “breadwinner”?
  • Trying to shakeoff living with a crisis mindset after a traumatic money event has taken place
  • The importance of additional income streams
  • Why you need a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for your money and career
  • How Wendy and Curtis learned from losing 2 homes in The Great Recession
  • How to discuss money, budgeting and investing with reluctant spouses – Accepting them where they are in their money journey
  • The financial impact of having a big family
  • The importance of leaving a legacy for your children
  • Dealing with lifestyle creep
  • The debt-avalanche vs. debt-snowball payment methods

Key Takeaway: Learn from your financial mistakes and plan for your future. Get educated about what you can do to budget better, pay off debt and increase your income through side-hustling.

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