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Ericka Young is the founder of Tailor-Made Budgets, where she coaches individuals and small business owners on budgeting, saving, and investing.

Her passion for financial education stems from her and her husband’s life experience of living above their means and having to climb out of nearly 100k in debt. This debt payoff journey changed Ericka’s life and career path.

She knew she wanted to help people get out debt, so Ericka and her husband Chris went to Nashville and to receive training by Dave Ramsey’s team. Ten years later Tailor-Made Budgets is thriving and Ericka is grateful for the amazing opportunities she has every day, and how she gets to help people transform their careers, families, and futures.

Ericka joins the podcast today to tell her money story. In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s important to study various financial teachers because there’s not one money system that will work for everyone.

You’ll also learn what steps to take before shifting careers or jumping into your side hustle full time, what to do with your money during this pandemic, as well as why Ericka discourages credit card use. Lastly, why you should always take the 401k match your company offers because it’s FREE money.

“Take bits and pieces from all of the financial experts out there, there’s a lot of valid information and you have to see what works for you” – Ericka Young

This week on Paychecks and Balances:

  • How Ericka went from being an Engineer to a Financial Coach
  • Why many of us are keeping up appearances and living above our means
  • The sacrifices it takes to pay off large sums of debt
  • How to find a financial teacher that resonates with you
  • Why you should absolutely be taking your companies 401k match
  • How to determine what type of investments you want to make: Real Estate vs. Stocks vs. Investing in a Business
  • How to future proof your business by moving it entirely online

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