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We welcome back Carter Cofield, the founder of Cofield Advisors, for episode 173 of P&B. Cofield Advisors serves creatives in the entertainment, writing, and social media industries by giving them the financial, business, and tax support they need. Their mission is to free creatives from all financial stress and save them thousands on taxes in the process.

No more coordinating between multiple advisors or having unanswered financial questions; you’ll now have one point of contact for your financial needs. Also, their virtual business model allows them to work with clients nationwide. You’ll never have to leave your home for an appointment.

Carter joins Rich to discuss his money story growing up and how he was able to pivot from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. They also talk about the importance of having multiple streams of income, the value of tax write off’s, playing offense with your money, and the importance of networking with like-minded individuals

“You’re not making money unless you’re making money when you’re not working” – Carter Cofield

In This Episode of Paychecks and Balances:

  • How cutting back on going out and drinking can lead to more clarity in your life
  • Why you should be focusing on earning more, rather than saving more
  • The importance of networking events
  • How to get started with multiple streams of income
  • How Carter started a rental car business using Turo
  • Why the tax code works in favor of entrepreneurs (check out his Deduct Everything business course)
  • Tips for reducing taxable income
  • The benefits of using an HSA
  • How to test the market and price your services
  • Why clients will pay you for your expertise, not your time

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