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Career Rehab ft. Kanika Tolver – PB151

Kanika Tolver is joining us for this episode. Kanika is an Information Technology Federal Government professional, Entrepreneur, Coach and Author.

Her company Career Rehab LLC focuses on assisting career transformations for students, professionals, and retirees. She does this through coaching, events, and webinars with the ultimate goal of helping others create their own “epic lives” and reach their career goals.

In her book “Career Rehab” Kanika helps you strip away the fear that’s holding you back from living the life you want and gives guidance on how to brand, market, and sell yourself into jobs that are in alignment with your values.

Values like work-life balance, good pay, and ongoing self-development are at the top of the list.

Also: The Magic of Career Storytelling

In this episode, Marcus and Rich sit down with Kanika and discuss her baby steps into entrepreneurship as a resume writer, what it’s like working for the Federal Government, the power of LinkedIn, building a professional network, and how thinking of yourself as a brand will get you more opportunities in life.

Key Highlights:

  • Side hustling as a career coach/resume writer
  • Building a business from home while taking care of her sick mother
  • Balance is the key to success in business and personal life
  • What it’s like working in Washington DC
  • “Don’t sleep on LinkedIn”
  • Investing in a good headshot
  • Leveraging LinkedIn groups
  • Employee mindset vs. being a brand
  • Beefing up your 401k contributions at work, once you get a raise
  • How your personal values change from your 20s to 30s
  • Bringing a dose of your personality to your job
  • The importance of prepping for work meetings
  • A “referral is the fastest way to an interview”

Key takeaway: You have to leverage your skills and your network, to sell yourself into a new job that’s in alignment with your life’s vision.

Kanika Tovler:

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