Finding Joy and Career Moves During a Crisis ft. Tiffany Southerland of the How Does She Do It Podcast – PB159

Tiff South returns to the podcast today. Tiff is the founder of “Four Corners Coaching”, where she helps women who feel unfulfilled in their career learn how to leverage their strengths so that they can feel confident pursing new job opportunities.

Tiff teaches how to use your life experience to empower yourself and redefine success, based on your own terms.

tiffany south

Rich and Tiff kick it off by talking about the importance of giving yourself grace while in this crazy time of COVID-19. Then they jump into how to position yourself to come out swinging when this quarantine is over.

They discuss the importance of your LinkedIn profile, planting networking seeds, creating a morning routine and workspace in your home, the do’s and don’ts of remote interviews and not to lowball yourself if you get a job offer during this pandemic.

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Show Highlights

  • It’s ok to rest and give yourself some grace during this time in quarantine
  • Ask for help at work when you need it
  • Setting up a dedicated work space in your home
  • Creating a morning routine as if you were heading into the office on a normal work day
  • Finding simple joys at home, like cooking
  • Getting your ducks in a row and prospecting through the quarantine and recession
  • Creating a narrative for your job search/interview
  • Documenting accomplishments and new skills as you go through the year
  • Tweaking your job title on your LinkedIn profile
  • Resume tips to stand out from the crowd
  • Remote interview do’s and don’ts
  • DO NOT lowball yourself if you’re offered a job during COVID-19

Key Takeaway: Using this downtime to plant career seeds will put you on top when we come out on the other side of this pandemic.

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