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Freshly Meals are Chef Inspired and Gluten Free

This is going to read like a sponsored post. It’s not. Having personally tried several meal delivery services, I’ve had the best experience with Freshly. If my word is good enough for you, you can use my referral code to get $20 off each of your first two weeks. If you need more convincing, here’s why I specifically chose Freshly over all the other meal delivery/meal prep companies available. 

Why I Chose Freshly

For the uninitiated, meal delivery or meal kit services are a highly competitive niche. In short, as the name suggests, these companies prepare ingredients, menus, or whole meals for lazy people like myself who have more dollars than sense. I’ve tried a few companies, and honestly, most are decent. Freshly has been the best, by far.

How Freshly Works: Choose your meals from our 30+ menu of all-natural dishes. Cooked by chefs and sent fresh each week. You heat ’em up. Ready to eat in 3 minutes or less. – Freshly

For me, the difference-maker with Freshly is they completely prepare the meals. When I go grocery shopping, even with a list, I buy too little and go hungry, or I buy too much and the food goes bad. Several meal delivery services sent me ingredients to cook, but this only solved half my problem. Additionally, and I can’t emphasize this enough, Freshly meals actually taste good.

Freshly Helps Me Save Money

We are, after all, a personal finance business. You knew this blog would have a money component! Freshly helps me save money in several ways. I have had plenty of failed attempts to eat out less because I already know the prepared or microwave-meal I brought for lunch that day will suck. It’s not rocket science. It is hard to commit to eating something that does not taste good even if it is good for your budget. Freshly delivers high-quality food that doesn’t taste like microwaved failed dreams.

Further, I now know exactly how much I’m going to spend on meals. Whereas before I would be subjected to the whims of however hungry I randomly felt during my lunch break. I might spend anywhere from a few bucks to $50 at a high-end restaurant with coworkers, and I’m not alone. Behind only housing (33%) and transportation (16%), food-related expenses (13%) is the largest expense category for the average household. Your average family will spend more than $7,000 a year ($580/month) on food alone.

Even with a specific tracker in my favorite budgeting app, restaurants and fast food expenses are still a notoriously difficult area for me to stick to a budget. Freshly helps me automate my way to saving money by stopping my impulse spending on lunch and dinner.


Freshly Helps Me Meal Prep and Lose Weight

If you follow me on Twitter (@TheMarcusGarret), you know I’ve been searching for ways to consistently meal prep by (allegedly) cooking my own meals. For example, earlier in the year I bought a set of bento boxes with a Groupon deal after convincingly lying to myself that I was going to cook, prep, and meal plan. I successfully meal prepped for about 2.5 hours. Those boxes are now collecting dust in my kitchen cabinet.

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I did get some great suggestions from Twitter, like, a new website that specializes in meal prepping to save time and eat healthily. However, I don’t need to keep lying to myself. The fact of the matter is I know and I know I know that I am not going to consistently cook myself five days worth of meals 52-weeks a year. It ain’t gonna happen! If you can stick to that commitment, you are a better man or woman than me.

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Although Freshly does have vegetarian options–which I ignore, of course–I know all their meals are healthy, appropriately proportioned, and low in calories. If you’re like me, just accept the sweet chin music that you’re not going to cook healthy meals (or don’t have the time) and sign-up for a meal delivery service. You can blame me now and thank me later.

Freshly Is Reliable and Easy to Use

I am tech-challenged, so it’s important that any service I use be idiot-proof. With Freshly, I signed up, downloaded the app, and within 15-minutes I had 4-weeks of meals picked out and scheduled for delivery. Calm down Type As: you can cancel any time, change your meal plan before delivery, or pause delivery for any weeks you don’t need meals. A 15-minute investment upfront means I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for the next 4-weeks!

At this age, time is invaluable and what little free time I have grows in value each passing day. The fact that I have meals that taste good and that are good for me planned out for an entire month is one less thing I have to worry about in my life. Honestly, Freshly could have charged me way more for this convenience alone. Please don’t tell them I told you that.

Last but not least, since Millennials believe the Earth won’t be around in 50-years, Freshly ships their meals in recyclable goods to help prolong the Earth. At least you can eat your avocados with the peace of mind that Freshly isn’t contributing to our environmental demise. They keep it green, and classy, San Diego.


That’s my review, folks! If I have finally convinced you to buy into Freshly like me, click here to save $40 on your first two weeks. If I haven’t. My apologies for wasting your time. Here are some personal finance spotlights about people far more interesting than myself.

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