The Best 50/30/20 Budget Calculators

It’s difficult deciding, “which is the best budget type?” Because the answer is: there is no right answer. The best budget is the budget that works for you. We looked into the best budget calculators (for free online) for you.

As I shared with Nerd Wallet, a 50/30/20 budget was key to helping me focus my spending while I was on the road to paying off $30,000 in debt. There are ways to tell good budgets from better budgets. A good budget tells your money where to go.

The best budgets prevent you from wondering where your money went. That’s how this budget system helps. A 50/30/20 Budget divides your monthly after-tax income into three categories:

  • 50% for needs
  • 30% for wants
  • 20% for saving and investing

Free Online Budget Calculators

To get started today, try this free 50/30/20 Budget Calculator powered by If a 50/30/20 Budget sounds too restrictive for your personal finance goals, then use this more flexible online budget calculator from

Master Your Budget, Then Increase Your Net Worth

If you’re ready to increase your net worth, visit our free net worth calculator to compare your household wealth to your age group.

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