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Couples Financial Counselor Adam Kol joins the show today. Adam is a finance geek who started his finance journey studying Economics at The University of Miami.

While studying for his degree he landed a job at Northwestern Mutual. There, he developed a love of working with families and educating them about money. Later on, he received a “Masters in Tax Law” from NYU, and along the way, he also became a Certified Mediator.

Adam realized early on that talking about money and finances was one of the biggest stressors that couples face.

Adam Kol

After completing his education he began coaching and providing Couples Financial Counseling to those in need. His mission is help you work through the money issues in your relationship by creating a safe place to talk about your “money story”.

He guides couples through taking a financial inventory, repairing existing issues, planning and structuring your joint finances, and helps you choose your new future, together.

Adam also specializes in coaching couples that are first-time homebuyers and those who are engaged and planning a wedding. In both cases, two massive money conversations need to take place.

In this episode, he walks us through some of the techniques he uses to help couples dissect and repair their money issues, emotionally and financially.

He also provides some tips on how to talk to your partner about money, how to know your triggers, how to break the traditional “money roles” between men and women, and lastly, what to do when it seems like nothing is working and someone in the relationship isn’t willing to put in the work to fix money problems.

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What To Listen For

  • What it was like for Adam, growing up in a homogenized city
  • Having never paid a late fee on a credit card
  • Adam’s love of advocating for clients
  • The positives and negatives couples are dealing with during COVID 19
  • The importance of giving yourself grace
  • Knowing your triggers and how to remove yourself from a situation
  • The dynamics between the traditional roles of men and women surrounding money
  • Self Awareness is the key to creating change for yourself, that will in turn help change issues in your relationship
  • Reason’s why people don’t talk about money in their relationships and tips on how to change this
  • Having a “Values Mismatch” with your partner
  • Filing relationship bankruptcy and starting over

Key Takeaway: By talking about money in your relationship in a safe and controlled space you and your partner and can begin to build an open and honest financial foundation and create a life that’s aligned with your values and goals.

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